How is Foundation different from PTA?

Foundation’s sole focus is an investment into above-and-beyond educational programs for our students. Click here to see how the Foundation and the PTA work together.

Why does Shallowford Falls Elementary School have a Foundation?

The Foundation of Shallowford Falls (FSF) was established to bring high-quality curriculum enrichment programs and pay for teacher salaries that are NOT provided for in the Cobb County School District budget OR the school’s PTA budget. Because the Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization, every dollar can go directly to fund programs and instruction specifically for all Shallowford Falls students. In addition, money raised by FSF can roll over to the next school year to continue funding current and future projects. We can pioneer new projects, fund capital improvements, or buy needed equipment, but we cannot do it without your support.

Why should I care whether our school has a Foundation?

Most other elementary schools have thriving Foundations that have been in existence longer than ours and some of them have operating budgets of $100,000 or more. Your child will most likely attend a middle school or high school with students who attended these elementary schools whose programs enhanced their education. Our students not only need but deserve a Foundation to provide them with the same educational opportunities as other schools in order to remain competitive in the future.

How does the Foundation Board determine expenditures?

The Board receives input from parents, teachers, and administrators on the needs of the school. Programs are prioritized by necessity, budget requirement, and the number of students impacted, among other criteria.

I gave money last year, why do I have to give again this year?

Think of your donation not as a request for money, but rather as an investment to enhance your child’s educational opportunities at school. The Foundation needs parents to support it every year. We depend on your donations to continue to pay teachers’ salaries and programs initiated in prior years. Your investment is a commitment renewable each year just as you would renew your support for a charity or other organization. The cost to fund these programs is over $100 for EACH STUDENT. Making the Foundation a part of your annual charitable giving directly benefits your child’s education.

Does the money raised from family donations cover all expenses?

No, unfortunately, it does not. Our goal is to cover the Technology Lab teacher's salary, as well as all the supplies for the STEM, Engineering, and Technology Labs for the school year with the money raised through the family investment. We also sponsor special events during the school year to raise additional monies to purchase new technology and upgrades, support teacher training and grants, replace equipment and supplies, and plan for future educational opportunities.

Well, can’t students just learn Science from a book?

Imagine trying to teach your child a sport such as football, basketball or tennis. Could your child read a book and learn about the sport? Yes, of course, but will they be able to play the sport? Not really. In order to learn a sport, kids need to touch the ball, practice throwing or hitting the ball and experience the sport as it was meant to be played. The same is true of Science. Students need to experience Science hands-on in a lab for better understanding and retention.

Do I have to be a Shallowford Falls parent to join?

No! We welcome donations from grandparents, other relatives, alumni, community members, and business owners. Anyone can invest!