School Supplies 

Update - School Supply Ordering is closed for the 2018/2019 school year. If you ordered supplies, your supply box will be waiting for you in your child's classroom at meet and greet on Monday July 30th.


Save time and money - Order your school supplies now and have them waiting for you at Meet & Greet in July!  Orders will be taken now through June 8th!  

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the school ID: SHA014 (3 Letters/3 Numbers)
  3. Follow the directions to complete your order
  4. Keep your online confirmation as your receipt

Tax will be applied at checkout

Grade Level & Cost:

Kindergarten Boys:  $46.88
Kindergarten Girls:  $47.53
Kindergarten Mat:  $7.09
1st grade Boys:  $54.28
1st grade Girls:  $51.81
2nd grade Boys:  $79.62
2nd grade Girls:  $79.89
3rd grade Boys:  $60.09
3rd grade Girls:  $58.97
4th grade Boys:  $97.37
4th grade Girls:  $97.10
5th grade:  $90.73
DHH (K-5):  $6.28


Note:  The Kindergarten nap mat is OPTIONAL for purchase but required for SFE.


For questions, please contact Foundation School Supply Coordinator - Adrianne Morin at  or


If you choose not to pre-order your supplies, a supply list will be mailed with your child's report card.  
New Kindergarten parents may email the school secretary to request a supply list.  Jean Allen


100% of funds raised by the Foundation of Shallowford Falls, stays at our school.  
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Teachers are just a few places your Foundation money is being put to good use.