School Supplies 


SHOP NOW for your 2021-2022 School Supplies


Save money and avoid the stores - get your school supply shopping done online. EPI school supply packs contain all the items

and brands our SFE teachers require. Not only is this convenient for you, but this is a fundraiser to help our school.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the school ID: SHA014 (3 letters, 3 numbers).
  3. Complete your order for your child’s next-year grade level.
  4. Keep your online confirmation as a receipt.
  5. Supplies will be delivered to your classroom by Meet the Teacher.


Grade level 2021-2022 Cost:


Kindergarten: $92.91

1st: $63.70

2nd: $64.06

3rd: $98.04

4th: $70.50

5th: $79.41

K-2 Focus: $42.79

SID/PID: $35.77


Tax will be applied at checkout.

For questions, contact Lisa Zupko at


If you choose not to pre-order, a supply list will be included with your child’s report card.

Kindergarten parents may request a supply list from SFE’s Maribeth Fusco at