Stronger Together: PTA & Foundation

Here at Shallowford Falls Elementary, we believe in the power of collaboration!


Just like the pieces of a puzzle fit together perfectly, the PTA and Foundation work hand-in-hand to provide the best possible experience for our students. Both organizations play a vital role, but with distinct strengths.


The table below highlights the key differences between the PTA and Foundation:





Acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, and administrators.

Provides financial resources to support the school's strategic vision.


Supports student activities, events, and programs through volunteerism and fundraising.

Raises money for specific capital projects or long-term school needs beyond the scope of the annual budget.


Open to all parents, teachers, and interested community members.

Membership is open to all (individuals and organizations) who support the Foundation through donations.


Organizes events like Welcome Back Coffee, Ice Cream Social, International Night, movie nights, Spring Festival, fundraising events, and teacher appreciation.

Focuses on fundraising through grants, larger fundraisers (The Foundation Raffle), and capital campaigns.


Manages a yearly budget allocated towards immediate school needs and school/PTA events.

Manages a separate endowment fund for larger, long-term needs.

Can carry over funds from year to year.

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